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Programs Overview

Whether on a national scale or in your college’s backyard, there’s always something going on at The National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Something to foster learning and leadership. Something to allow members to enrich others. And something to encourage building bonds with fellow members that will enhance your life, both now and in the world beyond college.

Take a look at NSCS programs in action in this Spring issue of NSCS' Society Magazine. 

Advisor Appreciation

Advisor Appreciation Week is the time NSCS members acknowledge all of the amazing Advisors who have dedicated their time to your chapter and peers. Whether a NSCS Advisor, or an Advisor to another on-campus club or organization, this week is designed and dedicated to them.  Without their efforts, NSCS would not have thriving chapters around the country. Showing appreciation for our Advisors during this week, is just one part of a year-long effort to express our gratitude for all they do.  


NSCS GO GEEK! is a time for NSCS members and officers to expand their current NSCS family and reach out to those students on campus and social in order to raise awareness during the recruitment period.  It is important to make sure that there is NSCS visibility around campus for those eligible to have the opportunity to ask questions or attend events prior to making the decision to join.  Go GEEK! will take place in both the fall and spring semesters, with the heavy emphasis and SWAG sent during the spring semester. The fall semester will focus on being a part of the campus student activities fair.

Integrity Week

Each year during the second week of February, NSCS chapters around the nation host Integrity Week. NSCS' integrity initiative was inspired by a national ethics project created by the Association of College Honor Societies.

Monday: Academic Integrity
Tuesday: Wellness Integrity
Wednesday: Civic Integrity
Thursday: Professional Integrity
Friday: Personal Character Integrity

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New Member Induction Ceremony

The New Member Induction Ceremony held the following fall. The Induction provides members the opportunity to be formally inducted into the Society, receive their membership pins as well as a chance to learn more about NSCS and meet chapter leadership.

Parents, friends, and family are encouraged to attend this Induction Ceremony to help recognize the students’ high scholastic achievements and commitment to their campus community. During the Induction, new members will learn about the traditions of the Society and will be challenged to become involved in their community through leadership and service. Find more information about your chapter's Induction Ceremony here

Planning to Achieve Collegiate Excellence (PACE)

Although students have ambitious educational and career aspirations, more than one-fifth of them are not graduating high school in four years according to the Department of Education. These students do not have the essential information, resources or support to effectively prepare for college – they need help to direct them toward the path of college and career readiness. The NSCS Planning to Achieve Collegiate Excellence (PACE) Program empowers college students at NSCS chapters across the country to create local programs with a school or organization; this partnership helps increase the likelihood that those students graduate from high school and are effectively prepared for college. PACE consists of the following three components:

Mentoring/Tutoring Program: NSCS chapters partner with local middle- and high-school age students (traditionally underserved populations) and meet with participants from
those schools on a recurring basis to encourage them to graduate high school.

Assemblies: NSCS chapters host assemblies at partnering schools on various topics covering college preparedness, i.e. expectations; financial aid; helpful high school courses;

March to College (TM) Day: NSCS chapters host PACE program participants on their campus for a day of activities to give them an example of what a day in the life of a college student
can feel like.

Senior Send-Off

In 2013, NSCS piloted a new chapter event, titled “Senior Send-Off”, for graduating members. The event’s purpose is to reaffirm a member’s affinity with NSCS, honor and recognize them for their achievements, and introduce them to NSCS benefits and partners as alumni members. Thi syear, we're launching a new branch of Senior Send-Off: Scholar Send-Off! This subset of the program will be specifically geared towards community college studenst who are either matriculating into a four-year institution or graduation with their Associate Degree. 

Service Month

Each November at NSCS is Service Month, in which NSCS as a whole focuses on community service and giving back. To help contribute to our community, we partner with different service organizations, for example USO or the Jared Box Project. Regardless of which organization we chose as our Service Month partner, we promote service as one of the fundamental pillars of the NSCS mission throughout the month. NSCS is comprised of members who go the extra mile to make a difference within our communities and Service Month is a chance to highlight those efforts. Click here for more information.

Share the Service

Share the service is a service-learning program that strives to connect officers from community colleges with officers from 4-year institutions in order to take on one of NSCS’s three pillars: service. By working together, the schools plan service events in the surrounding areas. Through this program the officers are able to establish relationships amongst themselves as well as with organizations within the community.

Learn more about NSCS's Community Colleges!

NSCS S2 Challenge

The S2 Challenge is a 12-week program that will take place June-August 2014. Each week of the program will feature a different challenge on social media as well as in the Scholar Connection for you to complete to earn points. For every “challenge” you complete, you will be awarded a certain number of points. The challenges do not expire, so if you are a new member that joins NSCS in the summer you can still complete past challenges. However, you can get extra points for completing challenges the week they are posted. At the end of each week, NSCS will announce a winner for that week's challenge. At the end of the summer, the top three challengers with the most points will receive a scholarship.