The National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Integrity Activities

Download the iGuy here, then color, glitter, photoshop, paint, and collage him however you like to go along with the type of integrity described on each day. Embrace your creative side and think outside the lines! If you are part of an outside organization that wants to use the iGuy, please contact


Outline of Daily Activities:

Monday: Academic Integrity

We know you’re smart, you overachievers you, but how do you show academic integrity? Download your iGuy and doodle, cut, prop, or crayon him to give us all a visual for showing your academic honor!

Tuesday: Personal Integrity

There are always pressures to fit in, to please others or fit someone else’s expectations. How do you stay true to yourself? Marker, sticker, redraw, Photoshop or position your iGuy into an image with shows your personal integrity! 

Wednesday: Civic Integrity

No matter how big your campus, city or hometown, you’re an important part. How are you fulfilling your responsibility as a citizen? Copy, paste, paint, or sketch your iGuy to show how you demonstrate civic integrity!

Thursday: Professional Integrity

Whether it’s the “triple-bottom line”or just not-lying, employers and companies are expecting their interns to employees to live and work with integrity. Scribble, shade, pen, pose or cut your iGuy into an image which displays your Professional Integrity!

Friday: Relationship Integrity

Whether it’s your best NSCS friend, your favorite advisor, your brother, sister, or sweetheart, building and maintaining relationships takes integrity. Show us how you show your love with your iGuy!


Examples of our previous Integrity Week submissions: 

Relationship Integrity:

Civic Integrity:

Personal Integrity: