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An Honors Organization That Recognizes And Elevates High Achievers


We are not your average honors organization. We recognize academic achievement and provide opportunities for members to develop leadership skills. Members positively change their campuses and communities by participating in service activities as they prepare for future endeavors like internships, graduate school, and careers. Along the way, members often make valuable connections with fellow high-achieving students.


NSCS gives out over $1 million in scholarships annually, including Merit Award scholarships, Study Abroad scholarships, graduate-study scholarships, several program-specific scholarships and much more.


NSCS members are viewed as leaders in their education community and organize annually at the NSCS Leadership Summit. Members are also given access to career resources, leadership development and much more.


NSCS is a nationwide community of scholars (members), officers, advisors, partners, employers, sponsors and more. NSCS Chapters also plan activities like networking events, social gatherings, and community service projects regularly.


In scholarships annually.

300 +


1,000,000 +


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How to Join NSCS
Step 1

Attend one of over 300 colleges and universities where there is an NSCS chapter.

Step 2

Meet the GPA and ranking requirements.

Step 3

Receive an invitation to join during your first or second year.

Step 4

If you fit these criteria but do not attend a college with an existing chapter, you can email nscs@nscs.org for more information about how to found a new chapter.

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