The National Society of Collegiate Scholars


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Submissions Open

Write for the Collegiate Scholar, NSCS' literary journal. Send writings related to college or the college years - something smart, developed, revised, and challenging. See submission directions and details


ScholarCon was a huge hit! Thanks for joining us!

The Case for PACE

See how NSCS chapters are helping younger students Plan to Achieve Collegiate Excellence.

Happy 20th Anniversary!

On April 30, 1994, Steve Loflin trusted his crazy idea and NSCS was born. 20 years and 1 million members later, we are living out his dream each and every day!

The S2 Challenge is back!

Every week this summer, join us on Facebook & Twitter (@NSCS) to win great prizes & a GRAND summer prize of a scholarship! The challenge is ON.

RT @WSUNSCS: #top10studytips 2. Clear the clutter. Extra stuff takes up room and can easily distract you.
Partner of the Week makes it easy for graduate degree programs AND prospective graduate students to find their best fit. Started by NSCS alum Brian Clark, offers NSCS members a $5 discount on the premium account.